After enormous difficulty in Telangana, what next for Naidu?


At the point when Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu divulged his cautiously created discretionary calculation in Telangana, his desire was that the Telugu Desam and the Congress would frolic home serenely given the scientific favorable position of their joined vote of 2014 and the counter incumbency “confronted” by the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government.

The course of action

The understanding which he had with the Congress after he connected with AICC president Rahul Gandhi in New Delhi was that his and other littler gatherings would challenge in a set number of seats and leave the field to it, to include gradual estimation of each gathering and see that there was no part in the Opposition vote. The seats he distinguished for the TDP were where there was sizeable vagrant populace from Andhra Pradesh. Obviously he was trying things out, the enormous venture being a fabulous alliance secured by the Congress in the general races in 2019, to beat their shared adversary, the BJP-drove NDA.

With 39% (25 Congress and 14 TDP) against the 34% of the TRS added to its repertoire in the 2014 Assembly decisions, the briskly assembled great union, People’s Front, took a gander at any rate on paper. The Congress figured it could procure the collect of being the sponsor of Telangana after pitiably neglecting to profit by it in 2014. In spite of expansive scale abandonments, the TDP thought despite everything it had a “solid unit” and the vote bank of the Backward Classes. The Telangana Jana Samithi headed by a main light of the different Telangana development Prof. Kodanandaram was seen as loaning an abnormal state of validity to the coalition while the CPI would contribute with its conventional vote. It in fact shook Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) a bit, as he didn’t expect the Congress-TDP tie up and thought his initial races gambit had found them napping.

Stunning outcome

However, Mr. Naidu’s 2+2=4 discretionary figuring went amiss as the outcomes began streaming in. Of the 119 seats the Front had challenged, it got just 21, 19 Congress and two TDP while the other two coalition accomplices experienced a mental blackout. What turned out badly? The end result for the counter incumbency, the discussion of family rule and the huge number of defilement accusations piled facing the TRS and Mr. KCR? Where did the TDP’s “solid unit” vanish?

Evidently Mr. Naidu’s technique of constraining a partnership with the Congress, whom his gathering had restricted for a long time, did not run well with individuals and likened to advantage. As he took hurricane battle he accidentally gave away a major wistful issue on a platter to Mr. KCR. Despite the fact that Mr. Naidu gave over a letter to the Central government favoring separate Telangana, the prominent observation is generally in Telangana.

KCR’s methodology

Mr. KCR abused this picture of Mr. Naidu as “against Telangana Andhra pioneer” to the handle over the most recent 10 days of the crusade inquiring as to whether they need to be “captives to Andhra authority and take orders from Mr. Naidu in Amaravati”. Mr. KCR did not have any issue with battling by Chief Ministers from different States like Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh however had solid reservation over a neighboring Telugu Chief Minister visiting Hyderabad!

In any case Mr. KCR’s strategic move from featuring his pet plans to focusing on Mr. Naidu paid him rich profits. The TRS vote share zoomed from 34% and 63 situates in 2014 to a strong 47% and 88 seats. The expansion in the vote offer of the Congress from 24% in 2014 to 28% and differentiating uncommon fall in the TDP’s vote share from 14.7% to 3.5% demonstrated that the prominence of the last has plunged forcefully. It additionally demonstrated that if the Congress and the TDP had challenged independently, the previous’ vote offer would have improved further. Also, maybe a post-survey partnership would have been a superior procedure.

There is an exercise or two for Mr. Naidu here. Examiners feel his overdrive and forceful crusade as opposed to keeping out of sight and enabling the Congress to assume responsibility completely destroyed him, in that it gave an opportunity to Mr. KCR to revive the Telangana assessment. Given the chilly reaction, will he reevaluate his association with the Congress ? In the event that he changes gears the end result for his energetic endeavors to join a stupendous partnership against the BJP? The run-up to general decisions shows up strangely balanced.


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