Phethai impact: 1 executed, numerous territories immersed in Vijayawada


Lethal effect: The rooftop harmed by the stone that collided with a house killing a man, in Vijayawada on Monday.

Lethal effect: The rooftop harmed by the stone that collided with a house killing a man, in Vijayawada on Monday. | Photo Credit: V RAJU.

Gymkhana divider breakdown harming vehicles left on the roadside

The perpetual precipitation set off by Cyclone Phethai splashed the city on Monday tossing life out of rigging. A man was killed in a minor avalanche on the bumpy zone at Sunnapubattilu Center close Siddhartha Nagar in the early hours activating frenzy among a huge number of families living on hillslopes.

As per nearby occupants, a rock slammed through the asbestos top of the place of the person in question, R. Durga Rao (28), a woodworker, when he was resting. Durga Rao capitulated to extreme head damage.

Local people said that the rock tumbled down after a minor mudslide up on the slope because of persistent precipitation.

The injured individual’s home is arranged toward the finish of the Masjid road where the rough slope landscape rises steeply.

Help given

Area Collector B. Lakshmikantham declared a quick help of ₹50,000 to the injured individual’s family. Neighborhood MLA Gadde Rammohan Rao and income authorities reassured the deprived family and gave over the money.

At Gandhi Nagar, a colossal mass of the VMC’s Gymkhana Grounds fallen harming a bike and a couple of vehicles left on the roadside.

The city and encompassing territories got 127.7 mm of precipitation over the most recent 24 hours as at 8.30 am on Monday, as per the India Meteorological Department. Despite the fact that the atmosphere was cool all through Sunday, overwhelming precipitation began lashing the city late in the night and proceeded up to early morning hours causing a lion’s share of streets and low-lying states to get immersed.

‘Chinks uncovered’

Zones where works are in advancement for underground power link works, stormwater channels and where streets were uncovered for improvement ventures were seriously hit. CPI(M) pioneer Ch. Babu Rao visited the immersed settlements, including L.V.S. Nagar in the 57th city division where flood water went into houses. Mr. Rao said the state had been waterlogged since Sunday night and no official help was reached out to the occupants of the territory.

He said that the issue of poor waste framework could be seen everywhere throughout the city and the stormwater seepage venture taken up with many crores of rupees had no effect up until this point.

Provinces in One Town, Santhi Nagar, Moghalrajpuram, Patamata, Siddhartha Nagar and a few zones saw waterlogged streets as it took hours for the water to subside through the waste channels.

Metropolitan and local group of fire-fighters authorities made plans at certain spots to let out water amassed on the fundamental streets.

Then, IMD anticipated overwhelming precipitation on Tuesday in the city.


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